Hellknight 2

They are law without exceptions, justice without mercy, punishment without recourse. They are the weapons of desperate times and soldiers with the force of will to whatever must be done. They are intimidation, relentlessness, and unwavering conviction. They are the black-gauntleted fist of absolute order. They are the hellknights.

Grim-armored law enforcers uninterested in social goodliness and exceptions to the rules, Hellknights exist to enforce and stringently maintain order. In their iron-handed exaction of the law Hellknights emulate the most organized and effective armies in all the planes: the legions of Hell. They are not concerned with morality. They are not concerned with methods. They are concerned with results. If people cannot be trusted to obey the law out of their own senses of civility and social righteousness, then they will be treated like beasts and taught to obey out of fear of a master’s stern hand.

Although severe, the Hellknights are not an evil group. There are certainly numerous evil members, but the majority of members are lawful neutral, with members of all lawful alignments filling out the ranks of each order.

To strengthen their resolve, Hellknights study the methods, laws, tactics, and atrocities of Hell. They train with summoned devils until battles with mortals foes seem like welcome dalliances. Through soul-shaking horror, they seek to purge themselves of emotion. Replacing it with steely discipline. Thus, Hellknights learn to make sacrifices for the greater good, obey draconian regiments of military conduct, commit to encyclopedic memorization the laws of their orders and local governing bodies, and undergo constant drills to temper both body and mind.


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