Dimitri Kroklas "Smiling Jack"

"So how did you get those scars?"


Dimitri is a man of average height, his skin is pale and his hands are more often than not dirty. His eyes are bright blue and his hair blonde. He got a disfiguring scar on his left cheek that stretches from the mouth all the way up to his ear as if smiling. He is very athleticly built, looking strong and nimble. His eyes are sharp and his ears twitches at most sounds.

He wears his old country’s standard issue armor, a full chainmail set. It have seen better days but have been maintained as much as possible. He got a longsword on his back, a pair of daggers on his hip, a shortsword on his back horizontal.

He also carries around a satchel that includes items he deems very important, such as pickaxe, crowbar, sledge, bear traps and so on.


Dimitri was born in the small village of Grakol, where his parents often trained him with weapons and their family’s very own combat style, “Kroklas”. They were expecting much from him. When Dimitri was ten he had found a crush on a local girl called Luciette, he was facinated by her black hair and emerald green eyes. He often would attempt to court her, but was quickly caught by his parents and put back into martial training, allowing no time for rest or play. This caused Dimitri to get a bit awkward and open around others, he was very curious about others and without noticing had started to enjoy training, convinced they showed him love in their own way.

Dimitri was sent away to the military when he was twelve summers old. He quickly qualified for vanguard, but he insisted on scouting and recon. He did this so he could see more and experience more things.

After the war that tore his country apart, Dimtri was around 17 summers old and thus he returned to his village, he found his village empty of all life, and returned back to his old scouting parting, now only because he had nothing left, keeping his spirits up he travels with his old scouting group, eyeing out Saskia the group leader, which he took a fancy too a long time ago.

Dimitri Kroklas "Smiling Jack"

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