Dark age

Tower of the Black Pearl


Pirate and pipe by jollyjack d3euwgk

15th May

The Sun rose in the east as the merchant ship arrived at Stealport with three adventurers on board. The passengers were three former soldiers from (Insert name), Lady, Jack and Bear. The reason they had traveled to the city was in order to find the Fabled Black pearl, which only appeared once a century.
The three found an inn and were contacted by an old patron who knew the location to the tower where the pearl resided. After the three got a boat and a map they set off to find the tower, and not long after they saw the tower standing in the middle of the ocean, but to their dismay someone had beaten them to it. A ship was anchored to the tower, probably belonging to the infamous pirate Savage Quenn. The entered the tower and descended into it. At the first floor they found a room with everywhere, they found out that each candle represented a hero in the world and his or her lifespan, wanting nothing to do with this room they quickly traveled on since they only had eight hours before the tower was submerged again.

After fighting through the towers defenses the three encountered Savage Quenn who turned out to be a former soldier in their scouting group, Quick finger. Quenn gave the adventurers an offer of cooperation, but quickly turned on them when they had their backs turned. Quenn escaped after losing the advantage and the three traveled forward into the tower.

After many dangers the three finally found the Pearl but when they removed it from its resting place the tower started flowing and the three quickly climbed the tower and left. When outside of the tower they witnessed the tower sinking into the water when suddenly a golden wave emanated from the tower and hit them, making them feeling stronger. But when the wave was done surging through the three it turned black and expanded to where the three couldn’t see it anymore.
After getting back to Stealport with Quenn’s former ship the adventurers left after spending a night at the inn with the pearl in hand for more adventures.

16th May



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