Dark age

Over the mountain

Episode 1

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16th May

Lady, Jack and Bear set out for the jungle to get away from Stealport and reach new adventures. After filling up on supplies the three followed the river after hearing from “reliable” sources that that was the fastest way over the mountain that keeps Buccaneer bay secluded. After many hours they decided to set up camp next to the foot of the mountain, but before going to sleep Jack saw a bed in the middle of the jungle and decided to put it to good use. But when he sat in the bed it started animating and tried to eat Jack. The three adventurers fought the bed, almost losing Jack in the process, but they stood triumphant.

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The next day they found a path over the mountain and used lots of hours climbing it. In the middle of the climb a giant eagle appeared and picked Jack up and gave him a tour over the mountain before letting him off on the top. When Lady and Bear made it to the top they met up with Jack and resumed their travels, but before they managed to get of the mountain they felt the ground trembling when suddenly a humongous bipedal shark burrowed out of the ground and attacked. The three put their legs to use and tried to climb down from the mountain while at the same time dodging the beast and its razor-sharp teeth, but the monster managed to beat Jack to the brink of death when the giant eagle appeared and blinded the beast, giving Lady and Bear time to get Jack to safety. But the shark eventually regained its senses and tried to eat the three in one bite, when the eagle returned and picked the three up just in the nick of time, and just before the monster closed its mouth, Lady tossed a keg of gunpowder in there and ignited it making it explode inside the beast, but the beast turned out fine and burrowed itself into the mountain to look for another meal.

The eagle flew down into the jungle and let the three down before it flew back to the mountain.
Lady, Jack and Bear found an inn in the middle of the jungle called the lost otter where they spend their night. The next day when they’re done chatting with the innkeeper they notice a strange statue on the roof of the inn that comes to life and leaps forwards to attack them. With the help of the innkeepers magical sword they manage to beat the gargoyle, but are hurt and decides to spend another night at the inn

19th May



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