Dark age

Crocdile calmatiy: Deathroll in the jungle

23th May


Lady, Jack and Bear woke up feeling well after last nights accomplishments and scoured the village, looking for someone they could help. They found a man who needed help guarding his cart on his travels to the neighboring region of Rainfall, but not until the next day so the heroes relaxed for the day. The next night they were awakened by someone rummaging through their belongings, the creature ran out into the streets before he could find anything and the party fought with it outside the inn. The creature, who turned out to be a thieving goblin ran into the jungle and disappeared. They woke up next morning and accompanied the merchant on his travels when they were suddenly barraged by arrows. They were attacked by goblins led by the thieving bastard who had visited them the night before. After fighting the goblins the heroes continued their travels when they saw a suspicious looking log floating in the river. Jack walked up to it and the disguised crocodile attacked him and went into a deathroll. Lady jumped into the water to save him but got grabbed by the crocodiles deathroll. I seemed like Lady had been killed by the crocdile, but Jack managed to get her body up from the river and breath life into her once more. After the encounter with the crocodile the heroes managed to get to rainfall safely and got a room for the night



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