Dark age

a Perfect night for a drink

Episode 2

Yellow musk zombie

19th May

Lady, Jack and Bear woke up the next day and met a fellow adventurer arriving at the inn with a deer on his back apparently giving it to the innkeeper for services rendered. The man’s name was Barry and he was traveling around looking for some work, not missing the opportunity for another capable adventurer traveling with them they recruited him and the three turned into four.
After talking to the innkeeper he told them that he would arrange a stay at an inn belonging to a friend of his living in the nearby village of Riverlie. The four moved on sticking to the river when they saw a torso hanging from the treetops. Bear walked up to the body when it suddenly jumped him and started biting him, they found out that it was a zombie controlled by a Yellow Musk Creeper, and that the Creeper was probably close by. Then a vine appeared from the treetops and sprayed a gas into the face of Jack who were entranced by the gas. The Creeper stretched out it’s vines and burrowed them into Jacks head, who could do nothing but stand there. The others reacted quickly and killed the Creeper before it killed Jack. After the fight the four set up camp when they were attacked by a swarm of bats. Jack and Lady had to ad-hoc in order to fight the bats and started spitting flaming alcohol on them, after a while they managed to scare the bats away and they went back to sleep.

The next day they finally got to Riverlie and got their room at the River Lady.


The inn was run by a near-sighted old man called Tom, Eagleeye to his friends. The four also met another adventurer staying at the inn, a big Half-orc called Rum. The four befriended Rum and decided to invite him into their group, but first they were gonna have a good nights sleep, but not before seeing if anyone in the village needed help. Lady heard from many sources that there was a man living in a castle in the jungle called the Pale man. After job-hunting Lady returned to the inn and they all fell asleep.
However in the middle of the night the window to their room opened and in flew thousands of bats and when the bats were finally gone, so were Lady and Jack. Bear and Barry found Rum and tracked the bats into the jungle. The didn’t run far until they got to a tower standing in the middle of the Jungle, but finding no way in they decided to climb in through the window. After they got inside the tower they climbed the stairs and saw two men facing a closet before turning to the three adventurers bursting out of the doorway. After beating the two men who turned into gas and disappeared they searched the closet and found Jack tied up in it. After helping Jack loose they ran up some more stairs and entered a big dining room, where a pale man was trying to bite Lady’s neck. Bear managed to push the pale man away before he could finish biting Lady and gave her her sword back. Lady found out that the pale man was in fact a vampire looking for a bride, and they started fighting him. After the battle the vampire retreated promising that he would be back to get Lady and the item she was hiding. When the pale man was gone the adventurers searched the tower to see if there was anything more evil in it, and burned it when they were done.

The five returned to the inn and fell immediately to sleep after the long night ready for a new day of unknown adventures.

23th May



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